Lorsque l’enfant était enfant, il marchait les bras ballants, voulait que le ruisseau soit rivière et la rivière fleuve, que cette flaque soit la mer. Lorsque l’enfant était enfant, il ne savait pas qu’il était enfant. Tout pour lui avait une âme et toutes les âmes étaient une. Lorsque l’enfant était enfant, il n’avait d’opinion sur rien. Il n’avait pas d’habitudes. Il s’asseyait en tailleur, démarrait en courant, avait une mèche rebelle et ne faisait pas de mines quand on le photographiait.
The film is gloriously shot, both in class black and white and beautiful color. The great German actor Bruno Ganz is wonderful as the angel Damiel who trades in his wings and walks the streets in a pimp suit with not a nickel in his pocket and a huge smile across his face. Wings of Desire is a true original that defies standard cinema and provides a truly unique film going experience. Andy
The film is like music or a landscape: It clears a space in my mind, and in that space I can consider questions. Roger Ebert
The day after watching this I felt compelled to break my usual routine and ignore responsibilities to instead wander outside and watch the autumn leaves blow around for a couple of hours […]. I don’t know why I was so affected by this film, maybe it’s the combination of pure beauty, sublime poetic language, and superb acting, or maybe I just needed a genuine uplifting and life affirming antidote […]. Whatever the case, it brought tears to my eyes on more than one occasion, which is a rare enough thing, but it has also made a profound positive effect on the way I see the world. A remarkable accomplishment and nothing less than a masterpiece of cinema for lovers of film and lovers of life. Bonjour Tristesse


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