— Your… pussycat?
— Someone’s trying to poison her.
— Well… How do you know?
— She’s nervous, she’s terrified…
— …well, you can’t buy too much on the attitude of a pussycat…
— Oohh, Pussy used to be so sunny, so fun, with the sweetest smile…
— You’ve got a pussy that smiles?
— No. That’s just the point.

o o o o
In well-made detective movies, you have a plot, a real, honest-to-goodness plot. No gimmicks. No neo-Nazi villains in underwater pads. No exploding cigarette lighters. Just a detective, who is a hard-working, hard-drinking guy who has been unlucky with dames and plays the horses and has a lot of cynical dialog. — Roger Ebert*
o o o o
— People change, you know. They don’t always turn out the way you expect.
— I know. You should see my baby pictures.

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