It’s not surprising that the movie generated a wave of shower phobia — some people, made aware of their vulnerability during a shower, started taking baths. (Janet Leigh is one such victim — she claims that she never took a shower again after making the film.) Today, Psycho still holds up extraordinarily well […]. The black-and-white photography is perfect for the film’s tone and mood — the starkness of color would have blurred the nightmarish quality. The painstaking care with which Hitchcock composed every scene is evident in the quality of the final product. Psycho may not represent the master director’s pinnacle, but it is the motion picture for which he is best known, and its legacy is inarguably one of the most far reaching of any film to come out of a Hollywood studio. — James Berardinelli

— She might have fooled me,but she didn’t fool my mother.

What makes Psycho immortal, when so many films are already half-forgotten as we leave the theater, is that it connects directly with our fears: Our fears that we might impulsively commit a crime, our fears of the police, our fears of becoming the victim of a madman, and of course our fears of disappointing our mothers. — Roger Ebert

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