— With a married man, it’s all so simple. I mean, it can’t possibly ever get drastic.
— Drastic? ln what sense can’t it possibly get drastic?
— You may not believe this, but people keep falling in love with me.
— l can believe it.
— And, suddenly, they get this strange idea in their head.
— l believe that too.
— Yes, they start asking me to marry them. All the time. I don’t know why they do it.
— I think maybe it’s a kind of nervousness.

Sentant le théâtre filmé, bien moins bon que ce que Billy Wilder a pu faire par ailleurs, trop long, tout ça… mais subversif et doté de sacrés dialogues !

— Tell me, doctor, are you very expensive?
— Very.
— I’m sure you occasionally make exceptions.
— Never.
— Why? I mean once in a while, a case must come along that really interests you.
— At fifty dollars an hour, all my cases interest me.

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