A big, expensive extravaganza about the danger of nuclear weapons, or the danger of terrorists, or the danger of violent wars being allowed to rage unchecked anywhere in the world. Or maybe it’s about turning George Clooney into an action-adventure hero on the Harrison Ford payscale. Clooney has many outstanding features, including an ability to convey massive self-confidence, a tendency to wrinkle up his face into smiley creases whenever charm is called for and a chin that someone might break a champagne bottle on one day if he’s not careful. What he doesn’t have much of is variety. There is only so much winking an audience can bear before gastrointestinal disturbance sets in (…) But my favorite moment in this movie is when Clooney, bursting into the terrorist’s hotel room moments after the guy has left, sticks his finger into a greasy sunny-side-up and declaims, « It’s still warm! » a signal that the Special Forces Unit with him can still catch the perp if they hurry. Now that’s what I call military intelligence. — Barbara Shulgasser

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