Le communisme n’est pas le stalinisme, le capitalisme n’est pas la liberté.

Superbly composed and cleverly paced, this story of one man’s unillusioned exile gives way to a second half in which a thriller-style subplot concerning the singer’s vanished father takes over, but fails to match the tension and interest of what has gone before. A flawed but always stimulating and intelligent film, with fine performances. — Time Out

It’s very difficult to be critical of Fatherland. Clearly a labour of love, it’s certainly a well-made film that projects all of the despair and desolation of Eastern Europe before the fall of the wall, and the hope symbolized by moving west. And in the 80’s when the film was released, prior to the information age, the film was one of the few accurate portraits that people were able to see of the situation in Germany. — Mark Tolch

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