If any movie producers stumble across this review I beg of you to remake « Revolt at Fort Laramie » but invest some serious money because the potential to be a fascinating western is clear to see. The set up of a fort where men having fought side by side suddenly find themselves divided by a civil war is loaded with potential. And in fairness at times « Revolt at Fort Laramie » manages to touch on the issues from the simmering tension between the North and South inside Fort Laramie to loyalty towards friends when they end up in trouble as well as the tough decisions faced by those who either out of patriotism or to try and prevent unrest within the Fort lead men into inevitable danger. Unfortunately « Revolt at Fort Laramie » ends up one of those westerns from the mid 1950s which feels like it is part of a western movie factory line. As such, despite the interesting set up everything about this western is stereotypical be it the look, the characters or the action. Now that does mean that « Revolt at Fort Laramie » is still an entertaining watch for western fans yet at the same time the sort of movie you will struggle to remember any detail of by the time you watch another western. — Andy Webb

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